Dr. DeBunko: Attack of the Corpse-Eating Werewolves

If you enjoyed this story, you can pick it up in TABLOIA #572 (Dr. DeBunko’s first appearance) or Dr. DeBunko: The Short Stories at my merchandise page.

NOTES: This is the first published Dr. DeBunko story. It was inspired by some ideas in the fantastic book, “Vampires, Burial, and Death” by Paul Barber. It and “The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology” by Hope Rossell Robbins sparked the creation of my Dr. DeBunko character. I had completed a first draft for Ape-Con 4/9/02, but in the originals, Dr. DeBunko had a kooky mad scientist look including frizzy hair. I redrew Dr. DeBunko in all the panels, and added more cross-hatching and texture, around September 2003, for this draft. It didn’t see print until June 2004, with my first self-published comic, Tabloia Weekly Magazine #572. I then reprinted it in “Dr. DeBunko: The Short Stories.”

My “Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist” entry 14 “Creating New Comics Characters” discusses Dr. DeBunko and this story more fully.

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