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Click and read the “Rules” link, fans! Then email me your answer, and YOU could win the FREE WEEKLY PRIZE! -Rob!







Congratulations, fans! We sent out a newsletter reminding you that our weekly guesser numbers are low, and imploring you to participate, and you fans came through! Our guessing numbers didn’t diminish by ONE PERSON…they remained EXACTLY the same as last week…FIVE PARTICIPATORS!


A concerned fan wrote, “I appreciate your self-deprecating humor in your e-mail, however, there’s no need to tell your fans that only four or five have been guessing each week. Those who are participating may think that they’re a part of something much bigger, you never know, so don’t risk losing them too. Never let on how big or small your operation is—ever. You hear me?!”


Thanks for your concern and advice, fan! With that said, we want to put you all at ease, and let you know that the web comic is actually generating close to a million independent visits each day (if you round to the closest million)at our own site, not to mention the visits we receive at webcomicnation.com, drunkduck.com, and smakcjeeves.com! So don’t worry about our ultra-succesful web-comic…it’s the participation that we’re hoping to increase!


Guesses this week included Lester Fairley’s “Hump Man” and Andrew Enberg’s “The Incredibly Irksome, Lover of Camel Toes!”


It’s no surprise that our most carefully researched, detailed guess came — as expected — from escalating weekly guesser and last week’s winner, Ricky Sprague, who wrote, “He is called “Wide Open Beaver”! His opponents are caught off guard by his exciting, sopping wet beaver headdress (in ancient times, the front covering of a suit of armor’s helmet was called a beaver!- see in Hamlet where the one guy says that Hamlet’s father’s ghost was seen with his beaver up (act 1, scene 2):


Hamlet: Then you saw not his face?
Horatio: O yes, my lord; he wore his beaver up. ),


leaving them “wide open” to attack!”


As if this isn’t already too much, Mr. Sprague continues: “His real name is Theodore Cleaver. He is in twelfth grade, studying Hamlet in his English literature class. Too bad he wasn’t studying “Wuthering Heights,” he might have called himself “Penis Stone,” after “Penistone Crag” (read the book)!!”


We warned Mr. Sprague that his guess was incorrect, and he wrote in a second time to say, “Well, I’m glad I got to win the one about a blowjob, since I really like those.


“I am not a studier of animals, but I have studied beavers. My friend, I can tell you from experience that that is a beaver on that man’s face.


Finally, a NOTE OF ENDORSEMENT!: Previous weekly sketch winner Dev Quin’s sent us these kind words, which in our opinion sum up the whole reason for, and zeitgeist of, our weekly contest: “My Ball sack postcard arrived! I loved it! I ran right up and put my ball sack in my wife’s hands! She liked it so much she told all her friends about my new ball sack! Her family is coming to visit this weekend, and I can’t wait to take my ball sack out to show her Mother.” Thanks for writing, Dev! These kinds of appreciations make it all worthwhile!


And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…


The lucky winner of our weekly prize is…Andrew Enberg! We’re so proud of you, Andy! and we’ll be in touch about the FANTASTIC SKETCH you’ve just won!!

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