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Click and read the “Rules” link, fans! Then email me your answer, and YOU could win the FREE WEEKLY PRIZE! -Rob!




Fans, we’re shocked to see that interest for our weekly contest…is DIMINISHING! SHAME ON YOU, fans! We had been holding steady at an impressive five guessers per week – what fantastic participation, in any contest! But this week, interest has plummeted! We’ve dropped drastically from a healthy five to… a mere FOUR PARTICIPATORS!


This sends a tricky, conflicting message to you, fans! On the one hand, almost all our regular guessers have managed to land themselves a FANTASTIC FREE PRIZE SKETCH POSTCARD! On the other hand, four guessers is F%$#&*?ING PATHETIC! Fans, we’re imploring you not to be shy! We know there are nearly a million of you (if we round to the nearest million!)! Write in, make any crazy-ass guess! Tell all your friends and relatives to write in! Use pseudonyms and write in more than once! Let us know you care about the continuation of our weekly contest! Thanks for your support!


This week, NO ONE WAS ABLE TO GUESS THE NAME PERFECTLY! Sean Messina wrote, “Her action scenes will be wet and wild!” The escalating enthusiast Ricky Sprague constrained himself with the clean, simple guess, “Goggles.”

Benjamin Ilka wrote, “I was so frustrated with my mistaken “ball” theory [see two weeks ago, including research collage”, fans – Rob!]that I missed last week’s guess. With close inspection of this dripping wet character’s balls or lack thereof I can see that my previous conspiracy theory was way off track! As for this week, that Pussy is way too Wet to be named The Damp Kitten, The Moist Feline or even The Humid Vagina. So by process of elimination and due to the Wetness of the Pussy…I’ll go with The Saturated ‘Snatch’er! With ultimate Saturation no purse is safe from this Snatcher.”


Our most persistent guesser of the week, with an unprecedented nine great guesses, began with “Cat-lash!” master of “The Pussy Whip!”, or “Pussy Whip,” before even seeing a full body shot! We wanted him to succeed, so we gave him this hint: “This guy doesn’t have a whip…because he isn’t a guy! And notice the wearing of goggles!”


So he wrote a second time to guess “AUNT FLO, THE UNDER-SEA EXPLORER!” Then he wrote again to clarify that Aunt Flo is “The Monthly Visitor!” Then he wrote AGAIN to say, “I got it! She’s Fat, right? HEAVY FLO!” Then he wrote YET AGAIN, when the full body shot was posted, to say, “…oh. Don’t tell me this character is called “The Wet Pussy.” He pleaded that she instead be “The Water Mamma,” or even “Aqua-cat!” We hated to see him so down, so we sent him another clue: “Will it disappoint you if I tell you there’s a key adjective you’re missing?” At which he wrote an unprecedented SIXTH TIME to say, “Not if that adjective is “Sopping,” for in that instant you would be eternally redeamed!” So you can see, he went from optimism to excitement, to concern, to disappointment, to hope, back to excitement, and most likely back to disappointment when he realized it was “soaking” instead of “sopping”!


The lucky winner of our weekly prize is…Sean Messina! We’re so proud of you, Sean! and we’ll be in touch about the FANTASTIC SKETCH you’ve just won!!


And thanks so much to all you participators…the four of you! As for the nearly million of you weekly viewers-but-non-guessers…c’mon, help us out! Start guessing! See you next week -Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief!

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