“She’s A Superfreak” #2 pin-up

In February 2006, at the Orlando MegaCon, I befriended Andrew Gregory, who said he was enjoying my Doris Danger stories, and gave me a copy of his bizarre and entertaining comic, “She’s a Superfreak” (Movement Comics). By the end of the con, he had commissioned me for a pin-up for his book. It was my first paid commission. He asked for a Kirby-style giant monster, and this is what I came up with:

[click on images to enlarge]

It was published in “She’s a Superfreak” #2 in 2007. Meanwhile, I altered it for my own sinister purposes, and included it in “Doris Danger Seeks … Where Urban Creatures Creep and Stomp!” (2007) as a splash page of my own.

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