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HERE’S A LIST of all the interviews of all your favorite comics artists that we’ve posted so far, and YOU kind Patreon supporters can gain additional access to early and bonus features! If you enjoyed any posts at this website, then this struggling comics artist is grateful for your kind support!

I’m truly excited to finally be able to share this, everybody, and I’m hoping Patreon is the perfect place to start offering sneak peeks to you.

Back in 2010 I had this idea to film a comic book documentary, because I watched a few and didn’t see anyone covering a topic that I felt was important and interesting about the comics industry.

So in March 2011, a crew of friends who wanted to help, began joining me at comic cons with their cameras and sound equipment, so that we could go to professionals (and aspiring professionals) and ask them about the struggles they had faced, trying to get into the industry  of making comic books, and stay in the industry.

Above is a teaser of that upcoming documentary.  Shortly, I’m going to start posting clips of all the amazing artists who were so kind to give us their time and share their struggles.   At my website,, I’ve posted a list and some photos of some of these artists, and you can look forward to hearing from them soon!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this teaser of what’s to come, for my documentary, “Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist.”

– Chris

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