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Doris Danger (vol. 1, Chpt. 1), page 002 – Script


Well, this is a little bit of a cheat again, calling this page the “script”, because it’s just a big picture of a monster.  However, I had to come up with the idea before I could execute it, and that’s all a script is, and THIS is how it came about:


This is how this first five page story was done. I pulled out all my seventies reprints of Kirby giant monster comics for reference, and just flipped through them. When things caught my eye, or sparked ideas, I made notes of them. I made lists of “monster splash pages”, and here’s a scan of it:

Number 3 on the list. Mt. Rushmore
5. Underwater, scuba divers, fish
6. India – pagoda, Buddha statues
7. in space – monster wearing astronaut clear dome over head
8. Egypt – pyramid, sphinx
9. army attacking – full battle
10. one lone shirtless commando vs. monster
14. laboratory – giant monster with head hooked up – breaking free!
19. Africa

Again flipping through books, I made a list of different kinds of giant monsters Kirby had drawn: ape, ant, crab, abominable snowman, big foot, mummy, spider, cyclops, bee, robot, blob, Easter Island, reptilian, tiki, hairy, caveman, big forehead, striped, bird, 2-headed, and I would reference issue and page numbers so I could find them if I decided I wanted to do one of these kinds of monsters. I made lists of settings and elements – jungle, desert, lake, swamp, outer space, carnival, police officers, army men, hillbillies, again with issue and page numbers.

Now I had a bunch of options for making different splash pages of monsters.  When I made this first story, I don’t think I knew there would be more than one story, so this whole list thing I just said I do, I think I probably didn’t actually do it until these Doris Danger stories became “a thing.”  But even though I probably didn’t make the list yet, I DID flip through all the comics to decide what kind of monster I wanted to draw, and a jungle seemed like the perfect “exotic place,” and if it were on the shore of the ocean, even better!  And since Kirby’s monster splashes ALWAYS had people running around, cupping one hand to their mouth to shout their fears, and pointing frantically with the other – “tribesmen” or maybe army guys seemed necessary – so I did both.  (Notice there’s also an Australian Outback guy here!)

(I talk more about this list on page 018-019 double-page spread – Script)

As for the monster itself, I found, I believe, THREE giant goopy slime monsters in the Kirby reprints I had in my possession at the time.  Here are some of them:

Taboo, Strange Tales 75 (1960)

The Return of Taboo, Strange Tales 77 (1960)

It, Strange Tales 82 (1961)


The Glob, Journey into Mystery 72 (1961)

The Sandman Cometh, Journey into Mystery 70 (1961) (I didn’t think I owned a copy of this one at the time, but I found my copy and flipped through and realized I was definitely referencing other panels from this story.  It was a decision not to use this goopy monster, choosing instead to make a monster with eyes and mouth.)

I loved the goopiness of all of these guys, so I took the goopy elements I loved most from each, and created my Spluhh monster.

Ok, that’s a lot of how I got to this page.  I’ll share with you the ACTUAL SCRIPT on page 005 – Script.  See you over there!


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