1990-1995 University of California Davis, Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art
1990 South Tahoe High School, graduate

2012 Best of Geeky Sacramento: Best Local Comic Book Writer or Graphic Artist


Graphic Novels
2014 “S Is For Spanko: A Frightening And Realistic GIANT MONSTER Alphabet Book” (SLG Graphics, 32 pages, hardcover), writer, artist, editor
2011 “Monstrosis: A Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventure” (SLG Graphics, 176 pages, hardcover), writer, artist, editor
2009 “Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures” (SLG Graphics, 96 pages, plus “creator’s commentary” CD), writer/artist/editor
2007 “Doris Danger Seeks …Where Urban Creatures Creep and Stomp” (self-published, 64 pages), writer/artist/editor
2007 “Doris Danger Seeks … Where Giant Monsters Creep and Stomp” (self-published, 56 pages), writer/artist/editor
2006 “The Lump” (self-published, 160 pages), writer/artist/editor/publisher
2005 Sam Kieth’s “Ojo” trade paperback, (Oni Press, 124 pages), co-artist

upcoming? abandoned? 2012 “Journey Into Astonish” (Bob Burden’s Marble Comics) artist
upcoming? abandoned?  2012 “Impossibility Bucket” (with Jhonen Vasquez) artist
2012-2013 “Zombie Annihilation” 1 and 2 (Silver Phoenix Entertainment) artist
2006 “Doris Danger in Outer Space” (self-published, 24 pages) writer/artist/editor
2006 “Doris Danger Greatest All-Out Army Battles” (self-published, 24 pages) writer/artist/editor
2005 “Dr. DeBunko: The Short Stories” (self-published, 32 pages) writer/artist/editor
2004-2005 Sam Kieth’s “Ojo” #2-5 (Oni Press, 22 pages each), co-artist
2004-2005 “Tabloia Weekly Magazine” #572-576 (self-published, 32 pages each, fifth issue 48 pages), writer/artist/editor

Digital Comics
2011 “Monstrosis” #1-6 (SLG Publishing, roughly 28 pages each), writer/artist/editor
2010 “Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures” (SLG Publishing, 96 pages), writer/artist/editor

Online/Web Comics
2008 “Spider Twins Companion” (encyclopedic web-comic and weekly contest, 54 pages), writer/artist/editor
2006-2008 “Dick Hammer: The Dailies” (web-comic, 108 pages) writer/artist/editor
2006-2007 “Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist” (blog on the process of creating comics), writer

2011 “Monstrosis: A Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventure” #1-6 (roughly 28 pages each), writer/artist/editor
2008 “Shocking True Stories of the Bible, Featuring John The Baptist” (40 pages), writer/artist/editor
2008 “Shocking True Stories of the Bible: The Images” (48 pages) writer/artist/editor
2008 “Spider Twins Companion” #1-3 (32 pages each, plus 90 minute “creator’s commentary” CD), writer/artist/editor
2008 “Dick Hammer: The Dailies” #1-3 (collecting the web-comic, 32 pages each), writer/artist/editor
2006 “Dr. DeBunko: When Human Flesh Bursts into Flames, writer/artist/editor
2006  “Dr. DeBunko: The Devil is My Lover”, writer/artist/editor
2006  “Dr. DeBunko: Who Killed My Cow”, writer/artist/editor

Anthologies, other publications
2012 “Neil Hamburger Comics Digest” (BS Comics), contributed two three-page stories
2012 “One and Done” (Invest Comics) – contributed a one-page story
2011 “Alien Echo” (Lost in the Dark Press), pin-up contribution
2011 “Giants” (Dan Burke Publishing), 10-page Doris Danger story contribution
2011 “Slam Bang #6 Vol. III the ROBOT issue (200 pages, FanAtic Press), 10-page Doris Danger story contribution
2011 “Hot Zombie Chicks” #4 (Halo Productions), pin-up contribution
2010 “Sidekick #1 (insert for Comic Heroes Magazine), 4 page Doris Danger sneak preview
2010 Captain Rochester (Rochester Electronics publications, trading card set #1), trading card contribution
2010 “Brains” #2 (From The Land Beyond Publications), pin-up contribution
2009 “Junior Skeptic Magazine” (Skeptic Society, Skeptic Magazine), cover contribution
2008 “Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 Songs for 43 U.S. Presidencies” (Standard Recordings, CD) album art contribution
2007 “She’s a Super Freak” #2 (Movement Comics), pin-up contribution
2007 research project for University of Connecticut on effects of pro-social messages in American entertainment media, artist for nine-page comic
2005 “Dead By Dawn Quarterly” #1 (Scar Comics), writer/artist/editor of four-page story
2005 “Oolar! Stories from the Wild World of Caveman Robot” (Tetragrammatron Press), pin-up contribution

Convention Appearances and Signings
2015 Store Signing, Empire Comics Vault, Free Comic Book Day, Sacramento, CA
2012, 2014, 2015 Big Wow Comic Fest, San Jose CA 

2015 Grape City Con, Lodi, CA
2015 store signing, Comics and Collectibles 29th Anniversary, Sacramento, CA
2014 store signing, Creator-Con, A-1 Comics, Sacramento, CA
2013-14 Crocker Con, Crocker Art Mueum, Sacramento, CA
2005-2010, 2012-14 APE Con, San Francisco, CA

2013-2014 Stockton-Con, Stockton CA
2004-2014 Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA
2013 Kraken Con, South San Francisco, CA
2004, 2011, 2012 (two appearances) Sacramento Comic Book, Toy & Anime Show, Sacramento, CA

2012 Store Signing, Bizarro World 20th Anniversary, Davis CA
2012 Store Signing, SLG Art Boutiki, San Jose CA
2012 Store Signing, Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas NV
2012 Second Saturday Art Walk, The Urban Hive, Sacramento CA
2012 Store Signing, Comics & Collectibles, Sacramento CA
2012 The Great California Paint Out and Auction, Natsoulas Gallery, Davis CA
2012 Image Expo, Oakland, CA
2005-2011 WonderCon, San Francisco
2009-2011 SLG Presents Comics Fest II, San Jose, CA
2007, 2010 Emerald City Comicon, Seattle WA
2010 Store Signing, Red Sky Comics, Merced CA
2004, 2010 Store Signing, Bizarro World, Davis CA
2010 Indie Euphoria, Sacramento, CA
2008 San Jose Super Comic, Toy & Record Show, San Jose, CA
2008 From The Land Beyond: Sacramento’s Horror and Sci-Fi Show, Sacramento, CA
2004, 2006, 2008 Store Signing, Empire Comics, Sacramento, CA
2007 Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA
2007 Wizard World, Chicago, IL
2007 Store Signing, Toy Fusion, Rancho Cordova, CA
2006-2007 Super-Con, San Jose, CA
2007 Wizard World Los Angeles, CA
2007 New York Comic Con, New York, NY
2006 Stumptown Comics Fest, Portland, OR
2004, 2006 Store Signing, Small Press Day, A-1 Comics Sacramento, CA
2006 MegaCon, Orlando, FL
2005 Baltimore Comic-Con, Baltimore, MD
2005 Bristol Comic Expo, Bristol, England
2004-2005 Store Signing, Free Comic Book Day, A-1 Comics Roseville CA
2004 Big Apple Con, New York, NY
2004 Store Signing, Big Planet Comics, Washington, DC
2004 Store Signing, Neighbors Bookstore, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Comics Panels
2008 From The Land Beyond Horror and Sci-Fi Convention (Sacramento, CA) “A Visual Assault to the Senses: A Comic Book Panel!” with Dan Brereton, Joshua Dysart, Tone Rodriguez

2007 Dragon*Con (Atlanta, GA) webcomic panel with Pete Abrams, Chris Hazelton, Kitty Hawk, Jennie Breeden, and Gina Biggs

2007 Dragon*Con (Atlanta, GA) independent comics (“Outside the Big Two”) panel with James Ritchey III, Peter Bagge, Marie Croall, Jennie Breedon, Andy Runton, and Ted Naifeh
2006 University of California Davis Experimental College “History of Comics” class by Dan Urazandi, guest speaker
2006 Utrecht Art Store (Sacramento CA) “Making Comic Books” Art Class by Dan Cooney, guest speaker
2005 Comic-Con (San Diego, CA) panel on “The Sequential Art” documentary with director Espen Jorgensen, Denis Kitchen, and Roberta Gregory

Interviews of Wisnia
2015 (May) Reality Comics FCBD Mini-Con on-site video interview
2015 (May) Empire Comics Vault FCBD pre-Mini-Con video interview
2014 (May) “Nerdvana” podcast on Free Comic Book Day at SLG’s Art Boutiki
2012 (Oct) “Forces of Geek” interview by Stefan Blitz
2012 (Sep) podcast interview by Decapitated Dan
2011 Mr. Lobo interviews Chris Wisnia” video by Christopher Perguidi and James Myrick
2011 podcast interview Decapitated Dan
2010 “The Electric Playground” televised comic feature of Doris Danger
2010 “Blog Talk Radio” podcast interview” by Dan Vado, Supreme Commander of SLG Publishing
2010 “Talking Comics with Tim” by Tim O’Shea at Comic Book Resources
2009 “Davis Life Magazine” thirteen-page article by Jessica Hughes
2009 “From The Tomb Magazine” interview by Decapitated Dan Royer
2009 “Comicon The Pulse” by Jennifer Contino
2009 “Comixology” Podcast interview by Peter Jaffe
2009 “Baker’s Dozen” by Bill Baker
2009 by Mark Allen at “4 Color Commentary”
2009 by Richard Vasseur at “Jazma Online”
2009 by the Big Bad Wolf at “Comic Monsters”
2009 “A Review a Day” by Greg Burgas at “CBR Live”
2009 “Geek Tragedy” podcast live at APE Con
2008 “Planet Comic Book Radio” podcast interview by Javier Hernadez
2007 “The Amateur Scientist” podcast
2007 “The Comic Book Haters” podcast interview
2007 “Secret Identity” podcast number 50.5 live from New York Comic-Con
2007 Atlanta television interview for Dragon*Con
2007 “Treasury Comics” by Rob Kelly
2006 “I Read Comics” blog by Lene Taylor
2006 “Comicon The Pulse” interview by Jennifer Contino
2006 “Jazma Online” interview
2006 “Skepticality”, official podcast of Skeptic Magzine
2005 “Jazma Online” interview
filmed 2004, documentary upcoming? “The Sequential Art” (documentary by Espen Jorgensen) interview, alongside Will Eisner, Sam Kieth, Gary Groth, Neil Gaiman, Daniel Clowes, Scott McCloud, Chris Ware, and others

Reviews of Wisnia’s Work
2013 (Dec) Paul Castiglia’s “”
2013 (Oct) Glenn Walker’s “Welcome to Hell”
2013 (Oct) Glenn Walker’s “ 31 Days of Horror: The Atlas Monsters”
2013 (Jan)’s “365 Comics”
2012 (Oct) John Holbo’s “Crooked Timber” online
2012 (Oct) Michael May’s Robot 6 “Question of the Day” at “Comic Book Resources” online
2012 (Oct) Henry Chamberlain at “Comics Grinder” online
2012 (Sep) Ricky Sprague at “Unleash the Fanboy” online
2012 (Sep) Louis Falcetti at “Bleeding Cool” online
2012 (Sep) “Major Spoilers” podcast review
2012 (Sep) Richard Vasseur at “Jazma Online”
2012 (Aug) Derek McCaw at “Fanboy Planet” interviews SLG President Dan Vado on Monstrosis 
2012 (Aug) by Louis Falcetti for “Bleeding Cool” online (reviewing Neil Hamburger comic)
2012 (June) by “Robot 6” for “Comic Book Resources” online
2012 (Apr) article about SLG Publishing by Orion Petitclerc at “SJSU Access Magazine” online, in which Chris is quoted
2012 (Jan by Luke Milton at “Fruitless Pursuits” online
2011 (Dec) by Decapitated Dan at “Comic Attack” online
2011 (Sep) by Kumar at “Kumar’s Reviews” online
2011 (Sep) “Dave’s Unspoilt Capsules and Awards” online
2011 (Jul) a “Major Spoilers Podcast #325” review online
2010 (Nov) by Libby Miller for “The Davis Dirt” Magazine
2010 (Aug 12) by  Stephanie Rodriguez for Sacramento News and Review Magazine
2010 by Chickity China at his website
2009 by Evan Dorkin, at his official blog, “Big Mouth Types Again!”
2009 by Manly Pointer, customer review at
2009 by Dan Royer, article in “From The Tomb Magazine” #29
2009 “Robot 6” by Michael May at “Comic Book Resources”
2009 by Rachel Edinin at “Sequential Tart”
2009 by Adam McGovern at “Comic Critique”
2009 by Decapitated Dan Royer at “From the Tomb Magazine” online
2008 “A Comic A Day” by Karaoke Fanboy
2008 article by Jeremy Nisen in “Comics Now Magazine” #3
2007 by Rachel Edinin at “Inside Out”
2007 by Marc Mason at “Comics Waiting Room”
2007 by Steven Grant at “CBR Permanent Damage”
2007 by The Big Bad Wolf at “Comic Book Monsters”
2007 by Johnny Bacardi at “The Johnny Bacardi Show”
2007 by The Comic Book Haters”
2007 by Marc Mason at “Comics Waiting Room”
2007 by DJ Grothe at “Point of Inquiry”
2007 by Rob Kelly at “Treasury Comics”
2007 by Mark Arnold at “Comic Base”
2007 “A Comic A Day” by Karaoke Fanboy
2006 an article in “Jack Kirby Collector” #47
2006 by Troy Brownfield at “Newsarama”
2006 by Matty-Matt at “SFist”
2006 by Leigh Anne Wilson at “The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society”
2006 by Johnny Bacardi at “The Johnny Bacardi Show”
2006 by Robin Lewis at “Comixfan”
2006 by Paul Dale Roberts at “Jazma Online”
2006 by Glenn Walker at “Comic Widows”
2006 by Johnny Bacardi at “The Johnny Bacardi Show”
2006 by Steven Grant at “CBR Permanent Damage”
2006 by Robin Lewis at “Comixfan”
2006 by Glenn Walker at Comic Widows
2006 by Steven Grant at “CBR Permanent Damage”
2006 Don MacPherson at “Eye on Comics”
2006 by Matty-Matt at “SFist”
2006 by Leigh Anne Wilson at “The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society”
2006 by Steven Grant at “CBR Permanent Damage”
2006 by Robin Lewis at “Comixfan”
2006 by Randy Lander at “”
2005 by Chris Garcia at “Fanboy Planet”
2005 an article in “Jack Kirby Collector” #41
2004 by Glenn Walker at Comic Widows
2004 by Steven Grant at “CBR Permanent Damage”

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