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zombie pin-ups

┬áSo here is a funny story about the previous zombie portrait – which is of a zombie version of my friend, Anthony Leano (writer and publisher of the comic, “Brains”).

Anthony went on a trip, and when he got back, he emailed me with the heading, “Your pin-up saved me from going to jail!” In his own words (edited and pieced together from Facebook posts to suit my chronological and storytelling designs):

“Had an awesome time in Seattle this weekend @ Emerald City Comicon … ran into a string of good luck the whole trip. Until I got pulled over for driving 5-10 above the speed limit …

…We were on the side of the highway in a town of 4000 people, for about an hour…

“…Got tossed into the back of the police car for not having my I.D., almost went to jail…

…The cop took pictures of Shawna, Paul Allen and me. Pictures of my tattoos and he fingerprinted me … He was using a camera that was broken with dead batteries he had to swap out and tape together…

[Anthony didn’t have his identification with him] “… after an hour of us trying to prove who I was … I [finally convinced the police officer] by showing him a drawing of me as a zombie that Chris Wisnia drew. It was a pin up for my comic book BrAiNs issue number two.

Pretty great. I feel like I’ve really done my part to help a friend in need. Here’s my pin-up of Paul Allen, artist for the above-mentioned “Brains #2” issue (hope it can help equally well, Paul):

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