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Well, I published my first comic in 2004, but I was married nine years ago today, at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento.

Comics fans will be pleased to hear I proposed at Comic-Con in San Diego 2001, the first year I’d gone (What a nerd!). Elizabeth went with me, and I proposed our first night there, so that she could feel the trip was a little bit for her, and not just for me (What a nerd!).

We decided to have a film noir-themed wedding. The Crest is a 1950’s art-deco theatre. They put our name on the marquis. They got into the idea, and put old film noir movie posters in their windows. “Touch of Evil” and such.

We asked all our guests (200 plus) to dress in film noir costumes. As they arrived, they could pick up their programs, popcorn, and a book of noir slang at the snack bar, and get their mug shots taken. We played ’40’s big band music. In the bathrooms, we had a CD player playing exciting audio film-noir action scenes. I walked down the aisle to the Peter Gunn theme. My wife’s maids of honor entered to the Perry Mason theme (I know, these aren’t really noir, so we took some liberties, but you should have seen everyone coming out in their costumes in an old theatre to this music). After we were pronounced man and wife, we played a film noir on the big screen behind us.

Elizabeth had this dress made, after the one Kim Bassinger wore in “L.A. Confidential.” She had her hair and make-up done after Veronica Lake. She was hiding behind that curtain. The music cued, the spotlight hit it, and she burst out to strut around the theatre before walking down the aisle to the stage.

I wore a vintage 1940’s tuxedo.

We were featured on the local news, and Sacramento magazine posted an article that featured our wedding:

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