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Instructions for “DORIS DANGER GIANT MONSTER ADVENTURES: The Ultimate (Semi-)Interactive Web Comic Experience”

Thanks for your interest in my comic, everybody! Here’s a quick key for all the shortcuts you might enjoy playing around with:

TAKE NOTE: If “buttons” are GREEN like this:


…then THAT MEANS the pages are EXTRA-SPECIAL, SECRET, SUPER-FUN BONUS pages for PATREON supporters only! If YOU’RE not a kind Patreon supporter, there’s still plenty for you to enjoy, simply by sticking with RED buttons, or by clicking straight through on the “READ FOR FREE”!

NON-Patreon-supporters, YOU are welcome to join in our fun!  Visit and decide on a pledge level that you would feel good about yourself for supporting a great project like this, knowing how kind it would be of you, and how grateful it would make me, in trying to develop a mammoth project like this that takes so much time, care, love, and hard work!  $1 gets you access to most text features (such as “script” and “commentary”), $4 gets you access to screen savers, high res downloads, GIANT MONSTER PIN-UPS (and they’re BEAUTIFUL, fans!), etc. (these are often posted in “published” or “pre-edits”), and $7 gets you access to video footage!  Thanks for considering, and if not, PLEASE enjoy all the exciting fun that’s available to everyone FOR FREE!


 The page before the one you’re looking at!




 The very beginning of “Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures: The Ultimate Web Comic”!



The next page of the comic you are reading!




You can click smoothly and unfrustratingly forward to all the “free” comics pages!  Note: MOST “script” and “commentary” pages are $1 Patreon level, and MOST additional art pages are $4, and MOST videos are $7, however SOME of ALL OF THESE will periodically pop up for free, FOR THE FUN OF ALL YOU CHEAP SONS-OF-GUNS OUT THERE!  Chris included them on occasion, if he felt it was information you SHOULD enjoy for free!  Please peruse such “accidental freebies” with our blessing and without guilt!


 Chris’s excruciatingly long and pompous, ego-massaging, behind-the-scenes text essays about the creation of that page! (They’ll bring you to tears as you fight your way through his relentless, monotonous thoroughness!)
NOTE: “video commentaries” = a video Chris filmed, in an exotic setting, where he talks about a particular aspect of the page you are viewing.  Often it repeats the kind of “info” that is on the commentary page.  Reading is so boring, so click one of these that you’d like to watch instead of all this boring reading!  They are listed below CHPT selection, and above “character, theme, and location links.”


The page that went to the printer to be published, sometimes in color.



 The completed, inked page, before it was corrected or colored – sometimes with blemishes, re-written and moved-around panels!
to tears of exhaustion!)  ALSO, it will sometimes be a POST-edit, with color added or text changed, for posters, promotional material, etc.



 The page drawn out in pencil, to determine layouts and spacing, before completing the page in inks (or early ideas)



The hand-written or typed first scribblings of an idea – in words, not pictures!



NEXT are HELPFUL LINKS for the “scholar”, to help you find whatever CHAPTERS, CHARACTERS, LOCATIONS, and THEMES you desire to peruse!

“CHPT” = chapter = the beginning of (usually) a giant monster splash page, followed by a story of 3-12 pages, and maybe including a text feature or other little treat! This link will quickly jump you to the previous chapter, the beginning of the chapter you’re reading, or the next chapter! (Note that the chapter you’re reading is conveniently listed on each page’s title!).

NOTE: Because all chapters begin with a GIANT MONSTER splash page, we’ve inserted a navigation page with a cropped sneak peek!  For $4 Patrons, simply click the “Pubished” link below to have your breath taken away by the gorgeous, realistic, and frightening GIANT MONSTERS.  If you AREN’T a $4 Patron, feel free to become one   😉   … or simply click “NEXT”.

COMMENTARY VIDEOS are below the CHPT links.  They are displayed as text, by their video title.

(NOTE: You can access a master list by clicking the VIDEO icon at the bottom right of the menus)


“SPLASH PAGE” = Skip around, ONLY to the full-page giant monster images!  No boring story, or anything else boring, is included!  NOTE: Almost ALL of these images are for our kind $4 Patreon supporters, and will have a GREEN ARROW!
“GIANT MONSTER” = any page within the story containing a giant monster – it does not include the gorgeous, realistic, and frightening splash pages!
“TEXT FEATURE” = a boring page with no (or almost no) pictures, that you have to read!

FOOTNOTES = A page referred to, usually in a footnote on the bottom of a panel, within the story.  This link will take you to the page of the story that is referenced!

other characters, settings, themes, with cute lil’ pictures like this:

They will be labelled “DORIS DANGER”, “WORLD’S GREATEST ACTOR,” “EIFFEL TOWER,” “GIGGLING”, “MANNEQUINS,” etc.! Always listed alphabetically… for greater excitement and fun!

(NOTE:You can access a master list by clicking the FIND icon below each page’s list)

“ABOUT” = A little background info about Doris Danger and her comics



“INSTRUCTIONS” = You’re reading them now!




Master List of CHAPTERS a LONG, LONG list of all the stories, text features, and pin-ups here at this web comic, in the order they were published.  Click on the one you’d like to see!



Master List of CHARACTERS, LOCATIONS AND THEMES A LONG, LONG list of all the different characters, locations and themes that appear in these Doris Danger comics.  Pick one you’d enjoying reading about!



Master List of COMMENTARY VIDEOS A LONG, LONG list of ALL the videos Chris filmed, in exotic settings, where he talks about all different aspects of his Doris Danger comics.  Reading is so boring, so click one of these that you’d like to watch instead of all this boring reading!




If a “next” link isn’t “LIVE” – i.e., it’s GREY instead of pink and red, and/or when you click on it but nothing happens – that just means the page it posts to hasn’t been posted yet – so keep checking in! Now get out there and have fun, fans, but please be safe! And read… AND SHARE… responsibly!

Thanks, everybody, I hope you enjoy!
Chris Wisnia
artistic hack of Tabloia Weekly Magazine

* * *

It’ me, fans! Rob Oder, editor-in-chief!  Do you find artistic hack Chris Wisnia’s explanations above “wanting”?  Still need more thorough, in-depth explanations?  Well, lucky you!  Because for those of you who are “slower”, more-easily-confused, or just plain kind of dumb, OR you just have a keen interest to really get the most out of your experience, you can read MY “help” section below!



“”DORIS DANGER GIANT MONSTER ADVENTURES: The Ultimate (Semi-)Interactive Web Comic Experience” is SO EASY, fans! Each “PAGE” of the web comic is a new opportunity for exploration and adventure! You will see an image, which we encourage you to read … with delight! Below that image are some choices for you to click! These “clicks” determine whether you want to go to the next page, learn more about the page you’re reading, stop reading and watch videos, turn this off and do something completely different and less pointless, and other delightful and exciting choices like that!

A good starting point, especially for you new-coming beginners, or ignoramuses who have already read the story three or fifty times and still get confused – click on “BEGINNING” – which will allow you to start reading “Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures” as it was published by SLG! (*see the “history lesson” footnote in a few paragraphs!)

After you finish a page, click “NEXT” to read more of the story!

If you got confused and think you missed something, or maybe forgot to read a page before clicking “next” again, click “PREVIOUS” to see the page that came before! Or “Beginning” again to start over again, you ignoramus!

WARNING (OR “REMINDER”, since Chris already said it): Some apparent “next” links are GREY instead of pink and red! These are “anticipatory” links – they AREN’T YET ACTIVE, because the “next” page hasn’t yet been posted! So it’s US, NOT YOU! Stop clicking on it, but keep checking in, and you’ll see how these “grey” unusable links will eventually, magically become working links, if you just have patience and diligence!

* A quick Doris Danger history lesson: DORIS DANGER was a weekly five-or-so-page non-fictive article published in “Tabloia Weekly Magazine” through most of the 1950’s! To save money during the well-known “struggling non-fiction tabloid magazine” era of 1972-9, Tabloia found it was cheaper to run “reprints” of old material than to pay new artists and writers for new material! They soon realized, using this brilliant business model, they were able to cut down their staff by laying off all these now-unneeded journalists (some of whom had been slaving away for them for pennies for decades)!  These 1970’s issues usually reprinted whatever story the editor could find, last minute, that afternoon before the book went to press, pulled from a drawer, under a table or chair or old lunch, behind a book case or on top of the toilet – whatever they could find in a pinch! Unfortunately, that tended to somewhat disturb “story continuity”! But as you can imagine, the story continuity of an old, crappy comic was the last thing on these editors’ minds! However, readers continue to find the stories so accessible and engaging, and the confusing holes fill in as you go, so, you can imagine it’s rarely a problem!


Especially for readers who are familiar with Doris Danger’s adventures, or scholars who need to research particular Doris Danger subject matter/historical facts/events/dates/locations,  you may click the other options, by script/pencils/inks, by chapter/monsters/skip monsters, and by character/location/theme! Once again, you will see “Beginning”, “Next”, and “Previous” options, but now for various themes or characters that appeared on that page! A page may have NO THEMES, or it may have listings such as “ROBOTS,” “ARMY “G” DIVISION COMMANDER LUKE LUGGASH,” “AHOO LAUGHING”, “HARDY HAR LAUGHING”, “CHRISTMAS LIGHT COVERED UFOS,” “ZWEE UFOS”, “OUTER SPACE ROCKETMOBILE 4b,” “HIPPY VS. CHRISTIAN RIOTS” – each with “Beginning”, “Next”, and “Previous” options!

BEWARE! It’s easy to get lost, so stick with a game plan! Stick with ONE THEME, and always click “NEXT” within that theme! If you get tired of that theme, try something new! But start at the “Beginning” of that theme, and always click “next”! Or don’t!  I don’t care!  Using your own “logic,” you may come to a page you’ve already read, and if you don’t want to read it again, you may want to STICK WITH YOUR GAME PLAN, and simply click the “NEXT” button AGAIN!  Or having read other pages, you may find that this already-read-page has whole new meanings!

If you’re high on drugs, simply click on whatever &%$#!! thing you want, and see where it gets you, and re-read a page, even if you’ve already read it six times! Probably you’ll start swearing you’ve already seen the same pages a few too many times, and get stuck in some cosmic hippy vortex loop, and aren’t able to find anything new! It should be a “real trip!” It should be “like whoa, man!” It should be”some heavy stimply!”

Lastly! If you enjoy this endeavor we have painstakingly pored over to produce, please feel free to support “Tabloia Weekly Magazine” by buying some DORIS DANGER BOOKS or MERCHANDISE from our MERCHANDISE PAGE!  Or give money directly to in exchange for access to a whole bunch of pages of this very web comic and other features AT THIS WEBSITE!

Thanks for reading, fans! Enjoy! -Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief!

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