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Doris Danger (vol. 1, Chpt. 8), page 056 – Navigation

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FANS! This Chapter begins with a senses-staggering full-page pin-up of a GIANT MONSTER! But before you click the PUBLISHED link below – These scintillating, pulchritudinous images are rewards for our kind $4 Patreon supporters!

Please don’t hate us if you’re not a kind $4 supporter!  We want you to enjoy this comic, regardless of your support, and there are TONS of free pages for you (besides these absolutely amazing full-page spreads in the style of late 1950’s-early 1960’s Atlas comics, pre-super-hero, Jack Kirby-parodied and/or sweetly homaged beauties)! Simply click on all the RED icons and NOT the GREEN ones!

Enjoy, fans!
-Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief, Tabloia Weekly Magazine!

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