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Hope you’re well this holiday season!

I have been asked to contribute to another benefit anthology:

The Good Fight, a Kickstarter-funded book that is live for seven more days:


40 plus stories (260 pages) from an all-star roster of comics creators united against hatred, bigotry and racism. I am drawing a dark, shadowy, slightly German Expressionist, but sincerely sweet, eight-page story written by Talia Hershewe. I hope you have a chance to check out the above link. All creators donated their time and talents to the book, and proceeds will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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In lighter news:

DORIS DANGER: The Semi-Interactive Web-Comic is up and running at my website,

As a parody of The X-Files and conspiracy theory beliefs, you may have noticed that Doris Danger’s stories are non-chronological, and intricately, absurdly, (hilariously?) COMPLEX. NOW, you can click through the stories in their published order, OR follow a particular character or story-line through its SEQUENTIAL thread, AND look at the page’s original pencils or page edits, read my original scripts and brainstorming notes AND creator’s commentaries on the creation of the pages, AND even watch videos of me talking about concepts and execution of the project in exotic settings all over America.

(The conceit of Doris Danger’s comics is that they are “old issues” from a series that has been running a long time, and that you, reader, have managed to get your hands on it here and there, but not chronologically. This is a “pre-Netflix binge-watching sequentially in order” era. One week you pick up an issue at a super market. Then your friend gives you an old issue. Then you pick another new issue up, a few months later. There are holes in your continuity, and you slowly fill in those holes as you go to a back-issue store and pick up a few more, while continuing to read the new ones you manage to find. I “published” them in this fashion, to remind us of how we used to read comics. But NOW, you can navigate through the stories any way YOU like.)
There are over 50 pages of this Semi-Interactive Web-Comic , and a whole lot of bonus material as well. I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

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We have published a couple dozen FREE-TO-VIEW, GREAT interview clips of some of the biggest names in the comics industry, as they share their various struggles for my upcoming “Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist” documentary. We have an official YOUTUBE page (please subscribe!):

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Happy holidays, everybody!
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