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Our Weekly Reckoning Focuses on Doris Danger!

Thanks for continuing to check in, fans!

Since I titled this weekly reckoning “Doris Danger,” let’s start with the Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist additions to Tabloia:

HERE is a master list of all the videos we’ve posted so far (“Patron-only” as well as publicly posted), or you can go to our Youtube channel where we’re up to THIRTY publicly viewable videos!

New videos since last reckoning (for our kind $7 Patrons):

37. JOSHUA DYSART (video, approx. 5:20,  $7 Patrons)

– (video, approx. 4:00,  $7 Patrons)

39. THE VALLEY OF TORMENT (video, approx. 4:30,  $7 Patrons)


And now for all this DORIS DANGER business!

Two web comic stories have been posted, Chapter 31 and Chapter 32. Chapter 32 was my first attempt at drawing a Steve Ditko style Doris Danger story, because I had these new ideas for a new “romantic” style of story telling, and I decided it would be a good idea to portray them in a different art style.  This created problems in continuity, however, and so it required time figuring out how to handle this discrepancy.  What I came up with was THIS:

Doris Danger… From “Golden” Age to Silver “Age”!

– a page dedicated to letting the reader choose which continuity “path” they’d like to follow.

And THAT got me thinking about how so many of my characters, if I were to put them in COMPLETELY CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER with their stories… their “first” story has often not been published yet! (Because I haven’t gotten around to it yet! But I know what that “first story” is GOING to be.) And in the current state of linking to characters’ FIRST appearances, it means that when I DO post their stories, I’m going to need to go back and change the “first appearance” link on EVERY PAGE OF THAT CHARACTER!  So I realized a better solution would be to create “place holder pages,” that I can swap out later, and not have to change every link!

And so I’ve been creating A LOT of place holder pages!  Here are a couple examples, right below this drawing by the nephew of a Tabloia Employee:

The shocking and ground-breaking first appearance of FELK!

Earliest “Fezzie” Documentation!

First appearance of “ORIGIN” of the Hillbillies!

Mr. Peters and the Tabloia Offices!

The Shocking FIRST APPEARANCE of Doris Danger’s boyfriend, STEVE!

That’s right! … The Shocking FIRST APPEARANCE of Doris Danger’s boyfriend, STEVE!


And then for good measure, I threw in a “Pre-Edit” page of the cover of More DORIS DANGER GIANT MONSTER Adventures, showing the artwork in various stages, with or without Doris, the monster, and the text.

Hope that keeps ya busy ’til next time!

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