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Nerdvana Podcast: Kirby’s Atlas Monsters, and Doris Danger!

Chuck Serface and gang visited with me a bit at SLG’S Art Boutiki on Free Comic Book Day, for his Nerdvana podcast!  Here’s their episode description:

Show #97: Episode 27: Free Comic Book Day at SLG, Part 3 (conclusion): What did we buy during the break? Chris Wisnia shares his homage to the Atlas Age of comics, recent loses in Hollywood, Star Wars VII discussion, official cast announced, character rumors, lack of feminine lead characters in SW, then…a major technical glitch warped us back to the studio at the House of Val to wrap things up.

Music Credits: Intro: “Derezzed” from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk & Quote from The Big Bang Theory. Closing: “Stand Up” from the Kick-Ass Soundtrack by Prodigy.


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