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Tax Season!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written to say hello (it’s been a month since my last “weekly reckoning!”).  Even if I haven’t reached out directly with my “daily reckonings,” you can always see what’s new at my  My excuse for silence is two-fold:

1. I’ve really got my head down, working at breakneck speed to complete the 160 page third volume of Doris Danger, “More Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures!”

I wouldn’t say I’m getting close, but I WOULD say the finish line is in sight! I’ve been scripting the final (roughly) 30-40 pages, ONTO THE PAGES.  I’ve got about six pages to go, and then I MIGHT do an extra eight giant monster splashes.  Then all that’s left is the drawing – and it’s the HAND LETTERING that slows me down so much! (Isn’t that crazy?? But you’ve seen how much text is on each page!) Once THAT’S complete, the drawings are actually the fastest part, largely because there’s so little space left, so the drawings are tiny!

Enjoy 20 pages of this new, terrifying, realistic, unpublished horror comic – NOW! (with more to come) –

2. I’ve been frantically trying to get my taxes together. As a struggling self-employed artist, whose profession is in the entertainment media arts, that means any “entertainment” that I enjoy becomes a write off – any concert I see, music I purchase, movies or museums I go to, tv I watch, books or comics I pick up… they’re all “research”, and that means A LOT of receipts to sort through at this time of year!  I hope to be done with this grueling and hateful annual task shortly, and back to “crankin’ mode”!

All this said, I’ve still been putting up A LOT of material for everyone to enjoy, and EVEN MORE for YOU kind, kind Patreon supporters! I am so grateful to you all!  Here’s a run-down of some of the features I’ve been posting since last time I checked in:

As mentioned above, The DORIS DANGER web-comic has a lot of new pages, including a few hidden gems in “easter-egg” hiding spots! You can find links to a new commentary video ($7 Patrons), some “original scans” of artwork before I cleaned it up or altered panels (look for “PRE-EDITS” links, $4 Patrons!), some new high res pages ($4 Patrons), text features ($1 Patrons), AND…

Page 064 – Published (and click “NEXT” to finish the sequence) is a flashback of Army “G” Division Commander Luke Luggash back in his days in boot camp, and how he learned the importance of 1. Following Orders and 2. Not Asking Questions if you want to advance in the army’s ranks!:

Also included is Page 07-02 – Published and page 07-03 – Published, which features a flashback to the beginning of the whole “Alps” storyline! This is a complicated plotline, that begins with the building of a fake giant monster, climaxes with Felk and Luggash winding up stranded in the Alps and in danger of freezing to death, and ends with what happens to them and how!  DO THEY SURVIVE?? I don’t want you to get too upset! So the answer is, Yes! They survive!

I also posted GIANT MONSTER pin-ups by my best friends, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, and Mario Hernandez, creators of the number one rated indie comic of all time (by Rolling Stone), Love and Rockets!  If you click the COMMENTARY links on each of their pages, you can also read about how I met the Hernandez Brothers, and how I got pin-ups from them!  These pages are FREE FOR ALL TO VIEW!

For YOU kind, kind $7 Patreon Patrons, there have been a few video postings (but don’t forget that if you’re NOT a $7 Patron, we post TONS of videos FREE at The new vids (for you kind Patrons) are:

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