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Doris Danger (vol. 3, Chpt. 33), page 02-06 and 2-07 – navigation

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FANS! These next two pages – page 02-06 and page 02-07 – are an EXCRUCIATINGLY DETAILED TEXT FEATURE explaining just what in the holy %&#@! is going on, on page 2-08 and page 2-09, which are otherwise pretty oddly baffling, or maybe just kind of stupid!  We at Tabloia felt, however, that page 2-08 and page 2-09 are SO %&#@! oddly baffling and stupid, WITHOUT the explanation excruciatingly detailed on page 02-06 and page 02-07 , that it would be unfair not to say SOMETHING to the casual reader who stumbled onto this web comic! … SO hopefully the above excerpt will get YOU to a place that you can now thoroughly enjoy the otherwise completely  %&#@! oddly baffling and stupid page 2-08 and page 2-09!

That said, we bet you’d LOVE to get the FULL STORY, AND support our slavish, devotional efforts, and so we therefore encourage you to pop over to and choose a level of patronage that you’d like to subscribe!  Page 02-06 and page 02-07 – along with TONS of other pages, ALL become available to YOU by joining the pitifully inexpensive $1 level!

Enjoy, fans, and thanks for your support!
-Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief, Tabloia Weekly Magazine!

Colored by Ricky Sprague!

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