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Chris was featured in a podcast at “The Amateur Scientist!” He discussed Dr. DeBunko, skepticism, and giant monsters!

D.J. Grothe at "Point of Inquiry," the premiere podcast of the Center for Inquiry, featured an interview with Chris about Dr. DeBunko!

Mark Arnold at Comicbase, the number one software for managing comic collections, hyped Dr. DeBunko!

The Comic Book Haters dedicated an entire podcast to Salt Peter Press! Listen to what they thought in Episode LXXXVb- Bootleg!

What a nice review of the DORIS DANGER books AND DR. DeBUNKO by by Marc Mason at the comicswaitingroom.com!

Doesn't Leigh Anne Wilson have nice things to say in her review at the Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society !

Lene gave a nice review of Dr. DeBunko in her podcast, "I Read Comics," show #41!

Here's a nice long interview by Jennifer Contino at COMICON.COM PULSE!

Click here to read Glenn Walker giving yet another shining review!

Johnny Bacardi gave Dr. DeBunko a B- (He liked Doris Danger better!)! Click here for the details!

What a nice review from Steven Grant at comicbookresources.com. (Trouble finding it? Click on "archives" then "Wednesday October 25, 2006"

Jazmaonline.com interviews Chris about Dr. DeBunko!

eSkeptic, the email newsletter of the Skeptics Society, hypes Chris's podcast!

Skepticality.com, the official podcast of Skeptic Magazine, featured Chris and Dr. DeBunko on their podcast (episode thirty-five)! Listen to it here!

Eyeoncomics.com rated Dr. DeBunko six out of ten! Read the full review!

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Let him debunk your fears away!