"The title alone, ĎDoris Danger Seeks Where Giant Monsters Creep and Stompí should have warned me off, but I read it anyway. Somehow, Chris Wisnia had performed the amazing feat of taking the minor masterpieces that Jack Kirby and I had done and looking at them through a carnival's distorting mirror. I wanted to write the sort of thoughtful, philosophical blurb about "DDSWGMC&S" for which I'm so justly famed, but after getting caught up in its weird and wacky contents, no mere words of mine could truly do it the injustice it deserves. Therefore, I'll just add the one sentence that applies to any horror or monster taleó'Read it at your own risk! " - Stan Lee
"The penultimate Kirby-style giant monster comic." - Mike Mignola
"(I don't believe I've ever actually used the word 'penultimate', and I'm pretty sure I've used it incorrectly, but I like the way it sounds.) " - Mike Mignola
"I love Klingo! From his furrowed brow to his choice in underpants! Awesome and I want this book, nay, demand this book!" - Kelley Jones
"Wisnia is great!!! Highly recommended AAAAA +++++" - Tony Millionaire
"Typical Wisnia... thankfully." - Dean Motter
"...hilariously ridiculous... Don't miss it, O' True Believers! " - Scott Shaw
"I absolutely love this book. My only gripe? Not enough double-consonants." - Scott Shaw
"Loved my first reading exposure to Chris Wisnia's most excellent DORIS DANGER: GIANT MONSTER ADVENTURES... which functioned on multiple levels: mocking retro-comics, while being a retro-comic, mucking up retro-chronologies (hippies in 1951, etc.) with reckless anarchistic abandon and subversive intent. If Robert Anton Wilson had scripted the Timely/Atlas Pre-Marvel monster comics (well, actually, the "non-fiction" comics predating those Timely/Atlas monsterpieces), it would have been something like DORIS DANGERóbut, that said, DORIS DANGER mocks Robert Anton Wilson and all conspiracy madness.
"Though it was up against tough reading companions... DORIS DANGER kept me mesmerized, laughing, and in a special pocket of comics heaven for a couple of nights. This is fun stuff, and I'm aching for more.
"If only we'd thought of this when we were doing "1963"óthankfully, I wasn't going there with my revisionist N-Man/Fury/Hypernaut/Sky Solo material (still in progress), which allowed me to savor Chris Wisnia's cosmic joke sans envy, regrets, or worries." - Stephen Bissette
"" "Doris Danger" is terrific stuff! Perfectly apes that Marvel period when Jack Kirby WAS king and everybody was trying to, or being told to, draw like him. But this isn't cheap lampooning, this is well-conceived and executed comics with knock-out art and hilariously funny stories done with just the right balance of reverence and parody! It's like taking a trip back to a simpler more sincere time and spending a few minutes with familiar but somehow refreshing old friends! Walk don't run to your nearest retailer and pick this stuff up--it's a hoot and a holler and deserves a place on any conscientious collector's book shelf! I envy you your first experience with DORIS! " - Bruce Jones
"Very fun and wild retro-cool-monster-driven stuff." - J.H. Williams III
"It's not easy catching the vibe of the classic Kirby Monsters, but Chris Wisnia does it with style. It's like finding a hidden treasure. "- Steve Niles
"I love this "giant-monster" stuff! And since Stan and Jack (with or without Larry Lieber and Dick Ayers) aren't doing it any more, someone's got to take up the slack. That makes Chris Wisnia the biggest slacker of all! King Kong has been dethroned... and, as Nietzche once said, Godzilla is dead!" - Roy Thomas
"If you like giant monsters, AND Doris Danger, then how could you possibly not LOVE Doris Danger Giant Monster Stories? Answer: You Couldn't! "- Peter Bagge
"Doris Danger's many things, a comedy, monster theater, adventure, sure, but most of all it's a tragedy in my eyes, mainly for the fact that I can't help but be depressed about real life not being this awesome." - Jhonen Vasquez
"Bullets can't stop it! Bombs can't stop it! You cannot escape! DORIS DANGER! She fascinates you! Compels you! She cannot be resisted! So don't even try! Grab this book now -- and enjoy your doom! "- Kurt Busiek
"I read the preview you supplied, and suddenly I was back in the 1950's. Comics-wise, that's a good, fun thing. Anything Dick Ayers touches has magic for me. People out there! Read this! Have some fun! Smile! Or, at least buy it and support the arts! "- Jim Shooter
"This book has giant monsters that outshine even the ones from WUTHERING HEIGHTS! Enjoy!" - Adam Hughes
"A MONSTERous thrill on every page! How could I live without it???" - Jim Steranko
" During the Vietnam War, someone once said the Police were losing control of the hippies because they were up against a world they really didn't understand. This is how a lot of people react to Chrisís stuff. He defies gravity, creates, writes and draws his own out of control universe, a unique hybrid of Kirby/Monster-Pulp-Detective/Mag- or is it all a satire? Nobody can accuse him of courting popularity. Yet, Chris Wisnia endures, grows fans, and improves in leaps and bounds. Heís a singular voice in a crowded market of imitators and super hero addicts. His world is a welcome treat for those daring enough to try; a world most of us donít understand. Inside his pages, he does make sense. Plus, itísÖ fun. Bizarre. And weird. Just like Chris." - Sam Kieth
"This has got to be the most eccentric comics project I have ever seen." - Daniel Clowes
"You want a quote? Just write something that sounds like I said it-- but make sure I like it, because I do. The giddiness of this stuff is contagious." - Brian Azzarello
"Chris is keeping a cool genre that is close to my heart, alive. His stuff oozes with funky humor and his own respectful homage of monsters with square toes. Brilliant!" - "Big" Mario Hernandez
"WHAT IF...Jack Kirby jumped off the top of a 20 story roller coaster and into a cesspool of gummi worms? Probably these comics.." - Johnny Ryan
"Endlessly inventive, energetic, and monstrously fun." - David Mack
"Some of the monsters aren't monsters, they're robots, or projections, some of the robots are people, some of the people are robots, some of the people are french, or "midgets", most everyone is a double or triple-agent. It's nuts, and the deadpan idiocy builds really nicely and the book really grows on you as you go along." - Evan Dorkin
"A fantastic hoot! Great pin-ups, too..." - Dave Gibbons
"I've had a full read now, rather than just a quick skim-through, and the opinion still stands." - Dave Gibbons
"Who doesn't love big monsters?! Well, I do, and if you do too you need to crack open this book and take in all the monster love." - Mike Allred
"Giant Monsters in Diapers..." - Michael Kaluta
"...Dude, you know I love the magazine and think it rocks..." - Tim Bradstreet
"I just reread my copy of Doris Danger Seeks Where Giant Monsters Creep & Stomp, and my wife had to tell me to knock it off - my laffs were waking up the neighbours! It's absolutely brilliant work - hysterically funny, but still utterly respectful of the source material...I thot it was the best comic book I have ever read in my entire life!" - Ken Steacy
"Chris Wisnia's Doris Danger comic has a strong fondness for the early Kirby/Ayers days when monster comics ruled the day in the mid-1950's. The writing, drawing, and inking all have that reminiscent feel, and for those who yearn to return to the simpler days of comic storytelling, check it out. Lots of industry pros contributed some pin-ups on top of a valiant effort by Chris for his writing, drawing, and publishing." - Steve Rude
Artist of Nexus, the Moth, and publisher of Rude Dude comics
"Chris Wisnia cracks me up." - Eddie Campbell
"There are monsters -and then there are Monsters...and then there are giant, Kirby-style MONSTERS. I love this book and I heartily recommend it to monster fans, Kirby fans and fans of the tongue-in-cheek. Buy two and let your kids use the first one as a coloring book -because kids love monsters, too! " - Jill Thompson
"Aye, yi, yi! It (D.D.S.W.U.C.C.&S) was so funny, I actually did forget to laugh. " - Herb Trimpe
"A big, bristling, bombastic, black&white, blockbusting buttload o' fun!" - Matt Wagner
"I rank you with the very best of pencillers, Chris." - Dick Ayers
""i thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. it felt more like kirby than kirby in some ways. it made reading comics really *fun* again. it brought me back to when i was just a little scribbler and already an avowed comics fanatic- a lover and fellow traveller in the world of monsters and make believe. great luck and success with the book." -Bill Sienkiewicz
"I love your Doris Danger comics because they are so brilliant and original! I have some suggestions: how about a story where the Easter Island statues come to life? Maybe they could turn out to be aliens from another planet! And you could call it, "Whom the Gods Would Destroy." What do you think? And another thing: how about a fan club with a cute name, like, say, the Delightful Doris Danger Dancing Society? Do I qualify for a no-prize? Your biggest fan, Tapdancing Trina Robbins..."
"Stop not buying them [i.e. Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures], you inhuman fiends!" - Jack Kirby Collector
"...Throw reason out the window...laugh-out-loud homages...Told with tongue wedged so far in cheek that Iím surprised Wisnia can breathe...Enormously entertaining goofiness (and thatís a big compliment)." - Newsarama.com
"For some reason that I can't quite explain, I laughed out loud...big damn fun..." - Johnny Bacardi, "The Johnny Bacardi Show"
"Demented footnotes, conspiracies, double-crosses, triple-agents, a woman in peril, crazed and paranoid Army Generals and giant robots all combine to ensure that no possible speck of discernable sense makes its way out of these pages...Plotlines switch tracks in the blink of an eye, sometimes within the confines of a single speech balloon...very funny." - Comixfan.com
"If you're after nuanced storytelling and naturalistic dialogue this isn't the book for you. If, on the other hand, you're looking for enormous monsters creeping and stomping, plotting that seems to spring directly from the mind of a lunatic with A.D.D. and dialogue such as 'Redneck fools! You've doomed us all!' you're in the right place." - a completely different review at Comixfan.com
"...Hilarious...a very good laugh...rollicking elliptical balls of confusion highlighted by monster-fearing military men, monster-loving guerrillas, monster-hating spy organizations, monster-manipulating secret societies, and, of course, Giant Monsters, as well as robots, aliens, assassins, double-agents, triple-agents and hapless boyfriends..." - Steven Grant, Permanent Damage


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