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Exciting Outer Space Action in the “Jack Kirby giant monster” tradition, featuring your favorite giant-monster-seeking Tabloid journalist, Doris Danger, as well as space-robots, a Fez-wearing astronaut, a famous film star disguised as a robot, the origin of the “Monster Liberation Army,” and more! Also contains giant monster pin-ups by your favorite, most cosmic artists...Dave Gibbons, Al Feldstein, JH Williams III, and Peter Bagge!

In stores December 2006! 16 pages/B&W/Comic-Sized/$2.50

In stores December 2006!

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If you crave some more Doris Danger facts and photos, be sure and see the rare, oft-overlooked DORIS DANGER BONUS INFO listed under Tabloia Weekly Magazine, where she made her first appearances!

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Chris Wisnia, a mild-mannered “private guitar instructor” in sunny Davis, California. I’ve been publishing comics (including “Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures,” which appeared as a back-up feature in my earliest books), since 2004! And ever since then, fame, critical acclaim, wealth, and respect have eluded me!
I am a card-carrying skeptic with a deep fascination with people’s beliefs in the supernatural, and the lengths ordinary people sometimes go to justify mistaken beliefs. I also harbor an enormous love for the giant monster comics of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko, which were published by Atlas Comics in the late 1950’s.
These two interests came together for me on a whim, like a burst of creative lightning, when I met legendary Dick Ayers in 2002 at San Diego’s Comic-Con, and he agreed to ink my five page Kirby-style giant monster story! And that’s how all this fun began. I never dreamed this initial throw-away story would grow in scope and depth like 1958’s the Blob to consume so much of my time and energies, and yet here we are, and the brainstorming and creations of Doris Danger’s Giant Monster Adventures continue to excite and stimulate me - to the delight of a few and groans of irritation by many…





Despite a day job, family, and mortgage (events that continually slow the pace of progress I wish I could achieve), I’ve been dedicated to professionally publishing comics since 2004. Usually in the quiet late hours of the night (after my patient wife, two unmanageable sons, ill-mannered dog, and two well-meaning guinea pigs have gone to sleep), shunning any public interaction and reclusively shutting myself in at every available moment, to the disdain and exasperation of alienated family and friends, I’ve devoted all my free time to creating comics stories.
Why would a sane human being do this? FOR YOU, FANS! Toward the goal of telling stories that entertain.
And now, through Patreon, you have a rare opportunity to show your support of my efforts, and give back to this dedication and sacrifice! If you have received any satisfaction or pleasure from reading my work, then I hope you will consider finding a tier of support that works for your budget and rewards you with secret-society-style ADDITIONAL enjoyment. And if not, rest assured that I will continue to make available to you plenty of fun stories for free!