Comics Celebrities Caught on Film in Compromising Poses

Actually Look like Friends of Tabloia!

If there's one thing we here at the Tabloia offices want you, cherished fans, to believe, it's that we are popular! Doris Danger snapped shots of some of our best friends in the Comics Industry, graciously or reluctantly acquiescing to having their photos taken with Chris and/or his wife Elizabeth, or even caught in the flashbulbs without their permission! If you are friends of the celebrities in question, please do not dare inform them that their handsome or lovely visages are unwillfully posted here!

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Comic-Con 2008!

My boy, Oscar, and I, flying to San DiegoALL BY OURSELVES!

With my best friend, Simon Bisley!

With my best friend, Scott Shaw!

With my best friend, Travis Charest!

With my best friend, William Stout!

With my best friends, Jill Thompson and Brian Azzarello!

With my best friend, Kim Deitch!

With my best friends, Mario Hernandez and Matt Silady!

With my best friend, Mark Waid!

With my best friends, Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart!

With my best friends, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez!

With my best friend, Jaime Hernandez!

With my best friend, Jerry Robinson!

With my best friend, Adrian Tomine!

With my best friend, Al Feldstein!

With my best friend, Dave McKean!

With my best friend, Dave Gibbons!

With my best friend, Bernie Wrightson!

With my best friend, Bryan Hitch!

With my best friend and fellow Skeptic, Eisner Award-Nominated Jim Ottaviani!

Wondercon 2008!

Can you believe it? The Tabloia booth right next to my best friend, Mike Mignola!

My sister (at right) and I with our best friend, Herb Trimpe, and his wife Patricia!

With our best friend, Herb Trimpe!

Oscar picking his nose with our best friend, Herb Trimpe!

Dinner with my best friends, Alex Sheikman, Ryan Sook, and webmaster Nick "Big Daddy Schwinn"!

With our best friend, Ryan Sook!

With our best friends, Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones!

With our best friend, Sergio Aragones, and Oscar's favorite beard!

Oscar and Elizabeth with our best friend, David Mack!

With my best friends, Steve Leialoha and Bill Willingham!

With my best friend and latest Tabloia table-worker, Mario Hernandez!

With my best friend, Jim Mahfood!

With my best friend, JH Williams III!

With my best friend, Brian Posehn! (We're also very close myspace friends!)

With my best friend, Darwyn Cooke!

With my best friend, Spain Rodriguez!

With my brand new best friend, Cecil Castellucci, and my old best friend, Joshua Dysart!

With my best friends, Joshua Dysart and JH Williams III!

With my best friends, Jim Valentino and Erik Larsen!

With my best friend, Ernie Chan!

With my best friend, Mike Royer!

With my best friend and avid Doris Danger reader, Dan Brereton!

With my best friend, Brian Wood!

With my best friend, Thomas Yeates! (Look at that fantastic giant monster pin-up!)

With my best friends, Tim Sale and Matt Wagner! (Hey, we see you trying to sneak into the photo, Arthur Adams!)

With my best friend, Creig Flessel!

Dragon*Con Atlanta 2007!

With our best friend, Michael Shermer!

With our best friend, Arthur Suydam!

With our best friend, Adam Hughes!

Getting interviewed for Atlanta television with my best friend, Charles D. Moisant!

On a webcomic panel with my best friends, Pete Abrams, Chris Hazelton, Kitty Hawk, Jennie Breeden, and Gina Biggs!

With our best friend, Eric Powell!

With our best friend, Steve Niles!

With our best friend, Frank Brunner!

With my best friend, Peter Bagge!

On an independent comics ("Outside the Big Two") panel with my best friends, James Ritchey III, Peter Bagge, Marie Croall, Jennie Breedon, Andy Runton, and Ted Naifeh!

With our best friend, David Lloyd!

With my best friend, Dean Motter!

With our best friend, William Stout!





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