Comics Celebrities Caught on Film in Compromising Poses

Actually Look like Friends of Tabloia!

If there's one thing we here at the Tabloia offices want you, cherished fans, to believe, it's that we are popular! Here are some of our best friends in the Comics Industry, graciously or reluctantly acquiescing to having their photos taken with Chris and/or his wife Elizabeth, or even caught in the flashbulbs without their permission! If you are friends of the celebrities in question, please do not dare inform them that their handsome or lovely visages are unwillfully posted here!

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Emerald City Comic-Con, Seattle WA, Mar 2010!

Family portrait with Uncle Leonard! Leonard Nimoy

With my best friend, Ed Brubaker!

With my best friend, Greg Rucka!

With my best friend, James Robinson!

With my best friend, Matt Fraction!

With my best friend, Joe Quesada!

With my best friends, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming!

With my best friends, Joe Casey, Ben Templesmith, and Kevin McGuire!

With my best friends over at SLG PUBLISHING... Jhonen Vasquez and Landry Q. Walker!

My first official signing at SLG PUBLISHING'S booth, with the release of "Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures" (published by SLG)!

With our best friend, Lou Ferrigno!

With my best friend, Brian Michael Bendis!

With my best friend, Val Mayerik!

With my best friend, Stefano Gaudiano!

With my best friend, Tim Sale!

What a fun elevator ride with my best friends, JH Williams III and Steven T. Seagle!

With my best friend, Rick Remender!

With my best friend, Alex Maleev!

Family portrait with Uncle Stan! Stan Lee

With my best friend, Terry Moore!

With my best friends, Len Wein and Kurt Busiek!

With my best friends, Mike and Laura Allred!

Red Sky Comics store signing, Merced CA Feb 2010!

With my best friends, Timothy Green II and JH Williams III!

Indie Euphoria, Sacramento CA, Jan 2010!

With my best friends, Jeffrey Brown and Nate Powell!

With our best friend, Mr. Lobo!

Sac Con, Sacramento CA Sep 2009!

With our best friend, Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew!

San Diego Comic-Con, July 2009!

With my best friend, Adam West!

With my best friends, Steven Grant and Dave Gibbons!

With my best friend, David Lloyd!

With my best friend, Eric Powell!

With my best friend, George Lazenby! (I don't care what anyone thinks - "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" KICKED ASS!)

With my best friends, Jaime Hernandez and Johnny Ryan!

With my best friend, Jeff Loeb!

With my "SLG" best friends, Jhonen Vasquez and Drew Rausch!

With my best friends, Ted McKeever and Travis Charest!

With my best friend, Seth!

With my best friend, Trina Robbins!

With my best friends, Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet!

With my best friend, Ron Jeremy!

With my best friend, Russ Heath! (Is that a GIANT MONSTER pin-up in his portfolio?)

With my best friend, Murphy Anderson!

With my best friend, Ray Bradbury!

With my best friend, Max Allan Collins!

With my best friends, Mike Allred and Mario Hernandez!

With my best friend, Mike Allred!

With my best friend, Mike Royer!

With my best friends, Jimmy Palmiotti and Tony DeZuniga!

With my best friends, Mario and Jaime Hernandez, and Trina Robbins!

With my best friends, Mario Hernandez and Joshua Dysart!

With my best friend, Jill Thompson... and her Eisner Award!

Sacramento Horror Con 2008!

With my best friend, Joshua Dysart!

Joshua Dysart and I with our best friend, Michael Berryman!

Joshua Dysart and I with our best friend, Sid Haig!

Joshua Dysart and I with our best friend, Felix Silla (also known as Cousin It, Twiki from Buck Rogers, and that unnamed ewok in the hang-glider!)!

Joshua Dysart and I with our best friend, Doug (Silver Surfer, Abe Sapien, Pan) Jones!

Holding my best friend, Doug Jones !(Nice shot from behind!)

Holding my best friend, Doug Jones!