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In August of 1962, Southern California’s Crude Bay experienced something the like of which they had never seen before! Two high school children, Jimmy and Jamie Jill (siblings, a senior and sophomore in high school, respectively), donned masks, and went on an unlawful vigilante crime spree! An instant buzz began, and they came to be known to the public as the Spider Twins, as the media aggressively sensationalized their adventures! The Spider Twins’ spree only lasted a little over a month before they were apprehended, and over the following year, public speculation, debate and side-choosing abounded on television and in print, as the Jill kids appeared in court, and were ultimately sentenced to serve time! But the general consensus considered them cult heroes! They were looked on as sympathetic children, injustice-opposers rather than law breakers, admirable rather than villainous, pitiable rather than criminal, for the two youngsters only perpetrated crimes against symbolic and unfair social issues!

Countless books, magazines, newspaper articles, news programs, and tv documentaries, (the most daring, respectable, and thought-provoking of them being Tabloia Weekly Magazine, who managed to license the true life exploits of the Spider Twins in non-fictive comics form!) have documented the deeds of the Spider Twins, and weighed in their opinions on the relativity of morality in our unsure post-modern society! That is not our purpose here! This compendium is dedicated to a much more unique and odd social phenomenon that developed as a result!

During the Jill trials, a number of inhabitants of Crude Bay found themselves in a political uproar! The unique social climate, with its tension, gusto, polarizing values of right and wrong, and heroicizing of the teen-aged masked vigilante, energized many to realize and fight for their own personally perceived social injustices and strongly-held values!

Like no other time in history, before or since, a rash of (primarily) teen-agers donned masks and began roaming the streets, looking for injustices to right! This painstakingly researched compendium, “The Spider Twins Companion,” captures a portion of these masked vigilantes! More importantly, it documents a moment and movement in our history, all-too-important to the protagonists of the time, but nearly forgotten in the present day! We hope you find it revealing, scholarly, at times touching, and perhaps even inspiring!

-Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief, Tabloia Weekly Magazine

READ CAREFULLY before participating!

UPDATE: The conteest is OVER, fans! ... FOR NOW! Here's what you... boo hoo... missed out on:

We will post a head and full body shot, and invite you to write in and guess the name of the masked vigilante! Send your guess to roder "at"! You could win a FREE PRIZE!

Fans, here’s your chance to make a difference in the world! For all of 2008, we will be posting a new masked vigilante…EVERY NOW AND THEN! Each one resides in our own Crude Bay, Southern California!

We invite you to study these vigilantes carefully, every time they're posted! First will be mugshot-posting day! Mugshot D ay will be followed by full body shots with helpful descriptions, such as weapons they wield, or specialties they possess! We expect you to write in and guess each character’s name, before we post it along with their logo, description, and action shot!

EVERYONE WHO GUESSES will be entered into an exciting drawing! EVERY TIME, one winning name will be chosen to receive a free, highly desired, prize POSTCARD, mailed to your door, featuring a personal note of congratulations by me, Rob Oder “Editor-in-Chief,” and with a lavish, “masked vigilante” ORIGINAL SKETCH by hack Chris Wisnia!

Don’t delay, fans! Start coming to every Monday and Tuesday, studying those masked vigilantes, and writing in to guess their names before Thursday!

HINTS! Don’t let these complex, intellectual mind puzzles frustrate you! Having poor brainstorming juices shouldn’t prevent you from writing in each and every week! Look for clues! For example, some of the vigilantes have their names clearly written on their costumes! Read the revealing attribute descriptors, which sometimes say their names! Those are helpful clues! Keep a pencil and writing pad handy and available for detailed notes! And heck, if you STILL can’t figure out any characters’ names, just write to us, and we’ll be happy to email you with a list of names!

ANOTHER HINT! We may include you in the drawing even if you guess wrong, so there’s literally no excuse left to stop you now! Maybe no one gets the name right that week! Maybe no one writes in at all, any week, and we’re desperate to give away free postcards to someone! Or maybe you’re a friend or related to one of our employees! In other words, you might be a winner, based on any number of unfair, biased whims of ours! And that’s what you agree to, if you want to participate!

Ready to participate in the Weekly Contest?!

1. PREPARATION! Turn on your computer, and go to! Click on “Spider Twins,” to see if a new vigilante has been posted! If there is, carefully study the masked vigilante! If you need to, take notes and brainstorm on a piece of paper!

2. MAKING YOUR GUESS! When you think you are ready to submit your guess, open the program you use for sending and receiving emails! Click on “create new message”! Write to me, Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief! There will be a box where you can enter my email address! Type roder “at”! Head the letter with “What a fantastic weekly contest!” In the body of the email, write as many guesses as you care to come up with for that vigilante!

DO NOT guess for previously posted vigilantes! DO NOT write to tell us vigilante names you have come up with, or story ideas you thought of! DO NOT tell us how offensive you find this web comic, or anything else that would irritate us and make you coincidentally "not be drawn to win" the drawing! And make sure you get in your guess before the date we warn the answer will be posted!


a. You may receive a personal email from me, Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief, to confirm your entry into the contest, based on the quality of your guess! That means all you comedians out there, who think you're so funny and clever!

b. We reserve the right to publish your guess or any other correspondence! Tell us if you DO NOT want your name posted here, alongside all our other proud and daring guessers!

c. Tell us if you DO NOT want to be automatically added to our monthly spam mailer, in which we tell you about all the exciting Tabloia news, such as interviews, reviews of our work, new releases, convention appearances, and products by us that you should buy, such as SPIDER TWINS COMPANION MINI-COMICS!

WHAT NEXT?! After that, all you have to do is wait! We know that’s the hardest part, but patience comes to those who wait…unless you didn’t win this week, which is more likely, so don’t get your hopes up! Each vigilante’s name will be posted, along with other pertinent information, every Thursday! We’ll let you know in person if for some reason you received the lucky prize!

Don’t count on it, kids! The odds aren’t in your favor! But if for some reason you are…how on earth did you do it?!! That wasn’t supposed to happen! We will post the winner’s name at the web site, on the very page you identified, along with all the other great guessers and guesses, and maybe some wry commentary of our own! When we do, we’ll also send you, lucky winner, a congratulatory email, and ask you for a couple bits of information, such as your mailing address, where we can send the lucky prize!

1. Decide if you would like a head shot or full body shot of the character you successfully named! Or if you would prefer a head or full body shot of a different masked vigilante, from a previous week! Those are your only options, whiners! You ungrateful bastards should be polite that we’re giving you anything, even if it is just a stupid postcard, and what were the odds you would actually win it anyways!

2. Would you like your card personalized, or just signed vaguely, so that you can sell it on ebay?

3. Lastly, all you have to do is wait some more for perpetually-behind-deadline Chris to get that postcard drawn! Good luck with that one, fans!

We look forward to hearing from you! Good luck, and enjoy all these notorious, thrilling, sexy, dangerous, and realistic masked vigilantes! -Rob Oder, Editor-in-Chief!

It has come to our attention that some parents may be concerned with the acceptability of what we consider a perfectly innocent, family-friendly, strictly-literal-and-no-dirty-hidden-meaning, all-ages work! Please use your own judgement and decide for yourself!

SPIDER TWINS MINI-COMICS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Go to merchandise page to learn more! Or...BUY ALL THREE (3) Spider Twins Mini Comics ("Pink," "Blue," and "Lilac"), PLUS FREE Creator's Commentary CD: